Medical measures in disability insurance: implementation and analysis of cost development

Federal Social Insurance Office

Key facts

Expenditure on medical measures in disability insurance has been increasing for more than ten years now. In 2010, medical measures cost a total of CHF 692 million, of which CHF 669 million was in relation to congenital disorders and CHF 23 million was for reintegration. Costs for congenital disorders grew by 61 percent in 10 years. In 2010, slightly more than 113,000 individuals received medical benefits for congenital disorders, a 12 percent increase relative to 2001. During the same period, the average cost per beneficiary rose by 43 percent to reach around CHF 5,920 in 2010. In almost 10 years, the costs of medical benefits for congenital disorders grew 1.5 times faster than healthcare costs. Since 2006, however, the cost escalation has followed the same rising trend as health insurance costs.