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Transparency rules

Since 2022 political actors are required to disclose their funding at federal level. Here you will find information on the transparency rules for political funding in Switzerland.

The transparency rules cover, firstly, campaigns exceeding CHF 50 000 for federal votes and elections and, secondly, all political parties represented in Parliament and members of parliament who are not affiliated to any party. In the case of donations (known as benefits) exceeding CHF 15 000, the name of the donor (benefactor) is published. 

The provisions governing the disclosure obligations for political funding are set out in Article 76 ff. of the Federal Act on Political Rights (PRA, SR 161.1) and in the Ordinance on Transparency in Political Funding (PolFO, SR 161.18).

Votes and elections

Campaigners for federal votes or elections have to disclose their funding if they spend more than 50 000 francs. Campaigns for the Council of States only have to be disclosed…

Parties and independents

Political parties and non-party members of the Federal Assembly must disclose their funding on an annual basis.