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Q&A and user manual

The implementation of the new rules represents unknown territory for the political actors subject to mandatory reporting. To help you, this page includes an extensive specialist Q&A section, a user manual for the electronic register as well as supporting information regarding joint campaigns.

Questions and answers

Questions and answers on transparency in political funding, broken down into the following topics: obligations of political parties and non-party members, obligations of campaign leaders, monetary and non-monetary benefits, the reporting process, verification, publication and archiving.

User manual

The user manual includes explanatory details regarding the log-in process, which requires the configuration of two-factor authentication. It also provides an example on how to submit a disclosure report to the electronic register based on the disclosure of budgeted receipts and benefits exceeding 15 000 francs.

Joint campaigns

When is a campaign classed as a “joint campaign” as defined in Article 76c paragraph 4 PRA? An clarification from the Federal Office of Justice.