Federal Policy on appliances for the disabled: provision of hearing aids in invalidity insurance (IV) and in old age and survivors’ insurance (AHV)

Key facts

In accordance with federal legislation, in invalidity insurance (IV), aids with a simple and purposeful specification will be provided. Additional costs caused by any other specification will be borne by the insured person.

In invalidity insurance (IV), insured persons who meet the medical criteria will be provided with a hearing aid up to the price of CHF 1,570 (simple monaural unit) and up to CHF 4,065 (very complex binaural unit). Aside from the hearing aids, included in these amounts are also the services of the acoustician (6-8 consultations). Added to this, are the social insurance costs for two compulsory medical specialist’s reports of approximately CHF 750. More complex provisions are envisaged for children. Thus Swiss invalidity insurance globally provides probably one of the best and most generous schemes (medically and technically).