Temporary employment programmes and occupational traineeships under unemployment insurance: impact, execution and supervision

Key facts

The Swiss Federal Audit Office has evaluated two of the eleven labour market measures with regard to unemployment insurance, i.e. temporary employment programmes (TEPs) and occupational traineeships. The costs for both of these measures were approximately CHF 190 million in 2013. Throughout Switzerland, 33,000 jobseekers have attended TEPs and 1,800 have undergone occupational traineeships. This represents 20% and 1%, respectively of all jobseekers in 2013. On average, a programme lasts three to four months and an occupational traineeship lasts four and a half months. Six months is the maximum period allowed. Impact, cantonal execution and supervision were analysed based on eight cantons and national measures. The cantons involved were Aargau, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Schwyz, Ticino and Valais. The national measures are TEPs and occupational traineeships which are open to jobseekers in all cantons. These two measures are intended to promote swift and lasting integration of unemployed people for whom finding a job is difficult.