Subsidies at research partners

Commission for Technology and Innovation (today Innosuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency)

Key facts

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) audited the conformity of the subsidies granted by the Commission for Technology and Innovation for research projects at seven Swiss universities and research institutions (research partners). In 2014, the CTI pledged contributions of CHF 152.42 million for technology and innovation projects carried out by companies in cooperation with research partners. Due to the strength of the franc, the Confederation approved a special contribution of CHF 100 million for the CTI’s pro-innovation projects in 2011. The SFAO’s audit showed that the regulations on cost allocation between research and business partners are difficult to implement or understand. Although the research partners work professionally and have modern accounting systems and competent specialist staff, the fragmented university system in Switzerland makes it difficult to draw comparisons between them.