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Monitoring of the use of federal assistance payments to people with protection status S

State Secretariat for Migration

Key facts

In April 2022, the Federal Council launched “Programme S” to support Ukrainian residents fleeing their homes. It was set up by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) one month after the activation of the temporary protection status S. As an end to the war is not in sight, the Federal Council has extended the duration of protection status S until March 2025. At the end of 2023, there were 65,746 holders of protection status S living in Switzerland. Programme S is aimed at providing Ukrainians with the means to participate in Switzerland’s social and professional life. This ad hoc programme was inspired by the cantonal integration programmes. When it introduced the programme, the SEM encouraged the cantons to implement the Swiss integration agenda. This joint endeavour by the Confederation and the cantons entered into force in 2019 and defines the mandatory and measurable goals for integrating temporarily admitted persons and refugees. In November 2023, the Federal Council introduced a target for integrating those with protection status S into the workplace. By end-2024, 40% of S permit holders should be in work. This represents a doubling of the average employment rate for this group.