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Implementation of the revision of the law and the strategic objectives

Swiss Institute of Comparative Law

Key facts

The Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (SICL or “the Institute”) is an autonomous institution under public law. It has ensured access to foreign law for Swiss authorities, researchers, lawyers, notaries, companies and individuals since 1982. This access includes information, opinions and studies, as well as the use of the library at the University of Lausanne. The SICL also carries out scientific research activities. In 2020, the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law Act (SICLA) was completely revised to bring the Institute into line with federal governance requirements. The revision introduced management by strategic objectives from the Federal Council and defined the role of the SICL Council based on a board of directors model. The number of Council members was reduced from 22 to 9. The Institute has an annual budget of CHF 8 million and employs around 40 people.