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Fight and prevention against corruption

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Reports from private individuals and federal employees about misconduct within the federal administration, organisations close to the Confederation or grant recipients may be sent in writing on the secure external platform That's how you can communicate your information anonymously and protected. The messages can not be traced back. Thank you for your contribution to improve our public administration!

Do you have a suspicion of irregularities, corruption, indiscretions or other illegal acts within the Federal Administration or concerning a subsidy beneficiary? The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) collects information from and federal employees and individuals. It receives several reports of suspicions from whistleblowers every year.

Meldungen WB e 2021

Effective from 1 January 2011, the obligation to report prosecutable violations or wrongdoing to the prosecution authority, superiors or the SFAO concerns all employees of the Confederation who are subject to the Federal Personnel Act (FPA). In addition, all employees of the Confederation are entitled to report to the SFAO other irregularities that they discover or experience in the course of their work. This information is used by the SFAO's auditors to detect organisational and work process weaknesses.

A justified suspicion is sufficient for reporting. Proof is not necessary. In both cases, the law protects whistle-blower federal employees. They may not suffer any professional disadvantage. The Federal Office of Personnel (FOPER) has published a brochure entitled "Prevention of corruption and whistleblowing".

Origin of reports in 2022 (without COVID-19 reports)

Group of peoplePercentage
Employees 34 %
External 66 %
Anonymous (all groups) 79.9 %

Reports received by the SFAO (2011–2022)

2022 232
(+47 COVID-19 reports)
2021 174
(+228 COVID-19 reports)
2020 171
(+313 COVID-19 reports)
2019 187
2018 164
2017 122
2016 78
2015 64
2014 82
2013 70
2012 87
2011 61