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Transparency in political funding

Transparency is a top priority for the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO). The Federal Council's decision of 24 August 2022 confirmed the SFAO as the office responsible for the monitoring, control and publication of transparency in political funding. With the entry into force of the new Ordinance on Transparency in Political Funding, the SFAO acquired additional powers. Furthermore, based on the Federal Act on Political Rights (PRA) and the Ordinance on Transparency in Political Funding, it monitors and audits the funding of all political parties and non-party members represented in the Federal Assembly, as well as campaigns for National Council and Council of States elections (only the final accounts) and federal votes. In addition to auditing, the SFAO is responsible for publishing the documents prescribed by law.

As the body responsible for the reporting procedure, auditing, publication and the reimbursement of unlawfully received payments, the SFAO meets its own requirement to ensure greater transparency and to inform the public.

The disclosures are filed and published in the SFAO's electronic register.

Supervision of the funding of political parties and non-party members

The SFAO audits whether the parties and non-party members comply with all prescribed disclosure requirements. The information on party funding is available to the public and can be viewed in the electronic register. The information and documents are published on 31 August each year and are available to the public for five years.

Supervision of campaign funding

The SFAO audits all campaigns for elections to the National Council and Council of States, as well as all federal votes to determine whether all candidates and campaign leaders have complied with the disclosure obligation. The SFAO is also able to verify compliance on the ground through substantive audits.

In order to strengthen transparency, the SFAO is also authorised to publish the documents received and make them available to the public through the electronic register.


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