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PublicationsSocial insurance and retirement provision

Person hilft älterer PersonThis section contains SFAO audits related to policy issues concerning social insurance.

Evaluation Administrative costs of the 2nd pillar - Federal Social Insurance Office

The 2nd pillar is one of the core elements of social security in Switzerland. In 2020, it had 4.3 million active insured persons and paid out pensions to around 1.2 million people. The assets of this capital-based insurance scheme were around CHF 1,100 billion. The annual costs of the 2nd pillar institutions amount to around CHF 6.8 billion, of which CHF 5.1 billion is spent on asset management. This amounts to more than CHF 1,500 per insured person in the median pension fund each year.

Audit number: 20297

Audit Refusals of unjustified claims from insolvent pension schemes - OPA Guarantee Fund Foundation

The OPA Guarantee Fund Foundation (hereafter the OPA Guarantee Fund) is a national occupational pension scheme. It is a public foundation with its own legal personality, and an authority with sovereign competencies. The OPA Guarantee Fund acts as a "reinsurer" for the 2nd pillar if an employer is no longer able to pay the employer savings contributions into the occupational pension scheme, or if entire pension schemes become insolvent. All pension schemes that are subject to the Vested Benefits Act must sign up to the Fund and contribute towards its financing. In 2021, around 2,800 cases were processed. The guaranteed benefits amounted to some CHF 36 million.

Audit number: 21171

Evaluation COVID-19 loss of earnings compensation for the self-employed - Federal Social Insurance Office

In order to cushion the economic consequences of the the COVID‑19 pandemic, the Federal Council and Parliament made extensive financial aid packages available, including the COVID-19 loss of earnings compensation (CLEC). Between March 2020 and October 2021, the Confederation paid out CLEC benefits totalling CHF 3.5 billion, of which CHF 2.6 billion went to self-employed individuals. This was the first time ever that the Confederation provided financial support to self-employed individuals in an economic emergency.

Audit number: 21402