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ArztkofferThis section contains SFAO audits related to health policy issues.

DOC RELEASED IN ACC. WITH THE FOIA Beschaffungsprüfung Realisierung von Informatikvorhaben mit SAP-Produkten - Swissmedic

Only available in German.

Audit number: 14550

Audit The revision of the List of Aids and Articles (AiArL) Status report - Federal Office of Public Health

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) examined the progress made on the revision of the List of Aids and Articles (AiArL), in German “Mittel- und Gegenständeliste (MiGeL)”. This examination was in response to a request from the Finance Delegation. The excessively high reimbursement amounts for products on this list were the subject of recent criticism in the media.

Audit number: 16647

Audit Tariff system for outpatient medical services (TARMED) - Audit of the implementation of recommendations

The tariff system for outpatient medical services (TARMED) applies to all services of this type provided in Switzerland. The financial volume of services invoiced in 2014 was approximately CHF 10 billion. Already in 2010, the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) had published an evaluation of TARMED, which included important recommendations. Five years later, this audit has found that the vast majority of the recommendations are still outstanding. Measures must be taken as quickly as possible. The matter remains alarming given the conflict situation between several partners. The difficulties in reaching an agreement on the TARMED revision and the risks of deadlock are real.

Audit number: 15292