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ArztkofferThis section contains SFAO audits related to health policy issues.

Audit Compliance management system - Swissmedic

Swissmedic is the Swiss supervisory and licensing authority for medicines and medical devices (therapeutic products). Its influence on pharmaceutical companies is considerable. In view of the financial stakes involved, there is a real risk of conflicts of interest. In order to prevent them and to guarantee Swissmedic's independence, the changes to the law in 2019 strengthened the requirements for integrity and transparency concerning conflicts of interest. However, these changes did not introduce a standardised compliance management system. Both Parliament and the Federal Council preferred to maintain a decentralised management system based on Codes of Conduct for employees and members of the Management Board, commissioned experts and the Agency Council. The role of the Agency Council was strengthened and now covers the three Codes of Conduct.

Audit number: 20269

Audit Procedural efficiency of health technology assessments - Federal Office of Public Health

Health technology assessments (HTAs) are systematic evaluations and assessments of medical procedures and technologies. HTAs are seen as an important instrument for evidence-based policy advice and transparent decision-making. It enables ineffective, inappropriate and uneconomical products and treatments to be identified and excluded from reimbursement by compulsory health insurance, or at least be restricted.

Audit number: 19084

Audit Introduction of the electronic patient record - Federal Office of Public Health

On 15 April 2017, the Federal Council brought the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRA) into force. From April 2020, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics must join a certified core community and from spring 2020, patients should be able to open an electronic patient record (EPR). In the future, it should be possible to store treatment-related information from the patient's medical history in the EPR. Healthcare professionals involved in treating a patient will be able to view and supplement this data.

Audit number: 19265