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Audit ICT resilience of critical infrastructures: implementation of the minimum standard for railway control systems - Federal Office of Transport, Lausanne-Échallens-Bercher railway, Fribourg transport network, Zentralbahn and Rhaetian Railway

Audit number: 20389

Critical infrastructures (CIs) ensure the supply of indispensable goods and services in Switzerland. In order to protect these CIs, it is necessary to keep them functional at all times, insofar as possible. In this context, the resilience of information and communication technology (ICT) and critical infrastructure protection (CIP) against cyberthreats is of great importance. On 8 December 2017, the Federal Council adopted the national CIP strategy (2018–2022), which includes rail transport. The Confederation spends around CHF 4.5 billion annually on preserving value and expanding the railway infrastructure.