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Baum und AutosThis section contains SFAO audits related to transport and environmental issues.

Follow-up audit A9 motorway project - Federal Roads Office

In 2016, the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) carried out a project audit of the A9 motorway in the canton of Valais. It identified a number of weaknesses in the process and issued a total of four recommendations to the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) in its report. The office for motorway construction of the canton of Valais is responsible for implementing them.

Audit number: 18453

Audit Business case for the system architecture Switzerland project - Federal Roads Office

With the entry into force of the new system of fiscal equalization and the division of tasks between the Confederation and the cantons (NFE), the Confederation assumed sole responsibility for the construction, maintenance and operation of the motorway network as of 1 January 2008.

Audit number: 17181

Audit Preparation of the cost study 2016 - Decommissioning fund for nuclear facilities and disposal fund for nuclear power plants

As they cause radioactive waste, the owners of nuclear power plants are obliged under the Nuclear Energy Act (NEA) to carry out and finance the decommissioning and disposal of their nuclear power plants (NPP). Since the majority of the measures needed do not take place until after the decommissioning of a NPP, each of the owners has set up a fund for decommissioning and disposal. Both funds are subject to supervision by the Confederation.

Audit number: 16409