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Publications Transport and environment

Baum und AutosThis section contains SFAO audits related to transport and environmental issues.

Audit Cost-effectiveness of procurements - PostAuto AG

PostAuto AG is a company belonging to the Swiss Post group. As a provider of road-based mobility solutions, PostAuto AG is a leading company in public passenger transport. In 2020, around 84% of PostAuto AG's business was accounted for by regional passenger transport and local transport. As part of the public transport system, regional passenger transport is not self-financing and is subsidised by the Confederation and cantons. In the area of regional passenger transport, PostAuto AG is subject to supervision by the Federal Office of Transport (FOT).

Audit number: 21167

Audit Monitoring of land purchases as part of the Rhone correction project - Federal Office for the Environment

The third Rhone correction (R3) is a construction project aimed at remodelling the river in order to reduce the risk of flood damage and making its course more natural. It is by far the largest project of its kind in Switzerland. It will take several decades to complete and the total cost is estimated at CHF 3.6 billion, of which CHF 2.1 billion will be covered by the Confederation.

Audit number: 21532

Audit Divisional accounts at transport companies - Federal Office of Transport

Against the backdrop of subsidy abuse cases that had come to light, the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO), together with six cantonal audit offices, audited the appropriateness of six transport companies' cost accounting structures. In addition, a plausibility check was performed on secondary business and secondary proceeds to identify possible cross-subsidisation.

Audit number: 20391