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Publications Justice and police

GerichtsgebäudeThis section contains SFAO audits related to justice and police issues.

Audit Use of the federal integration lump sum for temporarily admitted persons and refugees - State Secretariat for Migration

Every year, the Confederation invests more than CHF 80 million in the integration of the population of asylum background. In 2018, the Confederation and the cantons adopted a shared vision to respond to parliamentary procedural requests and other findings of insufficient federal resources. Entitled "Swiss integration agenda", this approach includes an increase in the federal integration lump sum per temporary admission or asylum decision, bringing it from CHF 6,000 to CHF 18,000. By 2019, the federal financial resources could thus rise by around CHF 132 million to more than CHF 210 million per year.

Audit number: 18501

Audit Reliability of data in commercial register - Federal Office of Justice

On 1 January 2017, more than 611,000 companies were registered in one of the 28 commercial registers kept by the cantons. Any natural person or legal entity with a business activity in Switzerland must register with the authorities if the conditions are fulfilled. At the national level, the Federal Commercial Registry Office (FCRO) maintains the Central Business Name Index (Zefix) and carries out supreme supervision of the work carried out by the cantons. Twelve FTEs are at its disposal to carry out this mission.

Audit number: 16615

Evaluation Combating corruption: Evaluation of the implementation of the Federal Council's resolution of 19 October 2008 - Federal Council

A recommendation of the Council of Europe Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) called on Switzerland to step up the exchange of information, coordination, prevention and awareness-raising among stakeholders exposed to the risks of corruption. To address this issue, the Federal Council set up the interdepartmental working group (IDWG) on combating corruption in December 2008. This mandate is limited to ten years. The Federal Council will use the activity report of the IDWG and the evaluation of the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) as a basis for the further development of its anti-corruption policy.

Audit number: 17436