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Publications Justice and police

GerichtsgebäudeThis section contains SFAO audits related to justice and police issues.

Audit Implementation of the 2016 courts organisation project - Federal Administrative Court

The Federal Administrative Court (FAC) deals with more than 7,000 items of business annually, mainly complaints from the Federal Administration's area of responsibility. There are currently 76 judges and around 356 other staff working at the court. In the field of case law, the court is organised into six sections, each of which is assigned different matters. The FAC budget for 2018 was around CHF 87 million.

Audit number: 18123

Audit Performance of the surveillance of telecommunications in the case of criminal proceedings - Federal Department of Justice and Police

To investigate criminal offences, the prosecution authorities (police, public prosecutors) and the Federal Intelligence Service may order various measures for the surveillance of post and telecommunications (TS). In this regard, the Post and Telecommunications Surveillance Service (PTSS) acts as an interface between the prosecution authorities and telecommunications service providers (parties obliged to cooperate). The PTSS is partly financed by fees from prosecution authorities.

Audit number: 17649

Audit Project "Implementation of the restructuring of the asylum sector and organisational development" - State Secretariat for Migration

With the referendum of 5 June 2016, it was decided to introduce the accelerated asylum procedure. The core element is the creation of federal asylum centres in which the concerned offices are brought together. In addition, the division of tasks between the Confederation and cantons/communes is undergoing major changes. The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) has initiated a project that covers the restructuring of the entire State Secretariat. The target date for the introduction is 1 March 2019.

Audit number: 18483