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Evaluation The awarding of contracts in the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation - Performance audit

Audit number: 1212

In Switzerland state, semi-private and private organisations are involved in international cooperation.

The most important player is the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The SDC is directly involved in campaigns concerning bilateral development cooperation, technical cooperation and humanitarian assistance. In addition it contributes to programmes of multilateral organisations and is involved in the financing of action programmes of Swiss and international relief organisations. Sustained development and poverty reduction are the main tasks of the SDC. In order to work towards these goals, the SDC concentrates upon eight main topics. Cooperation is particularly intensive with 21 countries in the southern regions and 13 countries and regions to the east. At a global level, the SDC is active in approximately 1000 projects. It either manages the projects itself or jointly with state, semi-private and private organisations in the beneficiary countries. The SDC designates this type of activity as "own activities" or it awards contracts for implementing projects to third parties, i.e. relief organisations, university institutes and private companies, e.g. consultants, engineers. The 150 to 250 contracts worth more than CHF 50,000 awarded by the SDC in Switzerland each year alone amount to approximately CHF 180 million per annum.