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Evaluation The federal and cantonal "building" programme - Evaluation of the programme organisation

Audit number: 12472

Since 2010, the federal government and cantons have been promoting the energy-efficient renovation of buildings; to date, around CHF 180 million a year has been made available for this purpose from the partial earmarking of the CO2 tax. At least two-thirds of this amount flows into part A of the programme, which encourages renovation of the building envelope in accordance with standards that have been harmonised at a national level. The remaining funds go towards part B of the programme in the form of global contributions to the cantons for projects in the areas of renewable energy, waste heat utilisation and building technology. Parts A and B of the programme are largely independent and each has its own separate organisation. The aim of both parts of the programme is to motivate as many home owners as possible to renovate their buildings in an energy-efficient manner, thus preventing as many CO2 emissions as possible. Pursuant to the CO2 Act, the programme will run for ten years (2010 to 2019).