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Publications Energy and communication

GlühbirneThis section contains SFAO audits related to energy and communication issues.

Audit Supervision of electricity grid operators' tariffs - Federal Electricity Commission

The Federal Electricity Commission ElCom is the independent state regulatory authority in the electricity sector. With around 43 employees, it supervises, among other things, the tariffs of grid operators in the non-liberalised electricity market and the grid usage tariffs. It monitors around 640 companies for compliance with the Electricity Supply Act and the Energy Act, takes the necessary decisions and issues rulings. ElCom works with a database that no longer reflects the current state of the art and offers only limited evaluation options.

Audit number: 19095

Evaluation Competitive tenders for electricity efficiency measures - Swiss Federal Office of Energy

With the "competitive tenders for electricity efficiency measures" (ProKilowatt), the Confederation promotes measures to reduce electricity consumption in companies, public bodies and private households. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is responsible for implementing ProKilowatt. The tenders have been taking place since 2010. Since then, the funding has risen to around CHF 50 million per year. In auctions, the funding is awarded to those measures within the framework of individual projects and programmes that have applied for the lowest promotion funding per kilowatt hour (kWh) saved.

Audit number: 17590

Audit Coordination and effectiveness of the support measures for agricultural biogas facilities and viability for the operators - Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Federal Office for the Environment, Federal Office for Agriculture

The anaerobic digestion of agricultural biomass is an ingenious process. It allows energy to be produced and green and food waste, as well as farmyard manure, to be exploited. However, this production is costly in terms of investment and operation. In Switzerland, nearly 100 agricultural biogas facilities transform organic matter into electricity and heat. In 2016, 116 GWh of electricity were produced, i.e. 0.24% of inland production. Its resale generate revenues of around CHF 5 million with a market price of 5 centimes per kWh.

Audit number: 17578