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Publications Energy and communication

GlühbirneThis section contains SFAO audits related to energy and communication issues.

Audit Coordination and effectiveness of the support measures for agricultural biogas facilities and viability for the operators - Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Federal Office for the Environment, Federal Office for Agriculture

The anaerobic digestion of agricultural biomass is an ingenious process. It allows energy to be produced and green and food waste, as well as farmyard manure, to be exploited. However, this production is costly in terms of investment and operation. In Switzerland, nearly 100 agricultural biogas facilities transform organic matter into electricity and heat. In 2016, 116 GWh of electricity were produced, i.e. 0.24% of inland production. Its resale generate revenues of around CHF 5 million with a market price of 5 centimes per kWh.

Audit number: 17578

Audit SwissEnergy subsidies - Swiss Federal Office of Energy

The Confederation's SwissEnergy programme (ECH) aims to promote voluntary measures to boost energy efficiency and increase the proportion of renewable energies. After the first stage from 2001 to 2011, the programme was realigned, a separate office was established at the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and the financial resources were increased from around CHF 30 million to around CHF 50 million. Initially, the funds were used mainly for awarding contracts, but half are now used for subsidies and the other half for contracts.

Audit number: 17179

Audit Preparation of the cost study 2016 - Decommissioning fund for nuclear facilities and disposal fund for nuclear power plants

As they cause radioactive waste, the owners of nuclear power plants are obliged under the Nuclear Energy Act (NEA) to carry out and finance the decommissioning and disposal of their nuclear power plants (NPP). Since the majority of the measures needed do not take place until after the decommissioning of a NPP, each of the owners has set up a fund for decommissioning and disposal. Both funds are subject to supervision by the Confederation.

Audit number: 16409