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Publications Defence and Armed Forces

Armee SignetThis section contains SFAO audits related to defence and Armed Forces issues.

Evaluation Single-term model in the Swiss Armed Forces - Defence Group

The introduction of the single-term model more than 15 years ago represented a significant expansion of the military service system of the Swiss Armed Forces. Traditionally, after recruit school (RS), the remaining service days are completed in short annual refresher courses. Single-term service personnel, in contrast, complete their entire period of service, currently 300 days, without interruption. Each year, this option is open to a maximum of 15% of those fit for military service, which corresponds to around 3,600 individuals. The single-term option is not available in all branches of service, nor in all functions.

Audit number: 18541

Audit Assessment of the operational capability of the 2020 air-to-ground communication system - armasuisse

For the first time, the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) audited the 2020 air-to-ground communication system project at armasuisse (ar). The audit focused on the project management and the extent to which it will ensure that the 2020 air-to-ground communication system will be operational by 2025. In addition, the implementation of four open recommendations made in the SFAO's report on the reconnaissance drone system 15 (ADS 15) was reviewed.

Audit number: 20429

Audit Information security - RUAG MRO Holding AG

On 21 March 2018, the Federal Council decided to reconfigure those business units of RUAG (as it was then known) that work almost exclusively for the Swiss Armed Forces into a new group company, RUAG MRO Holding AG (MRO CH), and a subsidiary, RUAG AG. These units were to be split from the rest of RUAG (RUAG International), which conducts international civil and military business. The Federal Council's decision was aimed at increasing information security and ensuring robust, transparent service provision for the Armed Forces at optimal cost. It was planned that MRO CH would continue performing its statutory mandate – ensuring the provision of equipment to the Armed Forces – while having the opportunity to expand its business in other areas.

Audit number: 20431