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Publications Defence and Armed Forces

Armee SignetThis section contains SFAO audits related to defence and Armed Forces issues.

Audit Implementation of the findings from price audits - armasuisse

armasuisse procures a large volume of armaments every year, ordering about CHF 2 billion in total. For orders of more than CHF 1 million, it is possible to conduct a price audit based on the right of inspection agreed in the contracts.

Audit number: 21528

Audit Air2030 programme risk management - armasuisse

The Air2030 programme comprises four projects: the acquisition of a new fighter aircraft to replace the F/A-18s and F-5s, the acquisition of a long-range ground-air defence system, the replacement of the air traffic control system and the maintenance and replacement of radar facilities. This programme, with a budget of more than CHF 8 billion, was commissioned by the Air Force and the Armed Forces Staff. It is managed by armasuisse.

Audit number: 22245

Audit Handling of contaminated sites - Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) conducted an audit at the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) that focused on the handling of contaminated sites. The Cadastre of contaminated sites of the DDPS provides a nationwide overview of the sites that are within its area of enforcement and are considered to be contaminated without harmful effects or nuisances under the Contaminated Sites Ordinance (CSO), or for which an investigation must be carried out to determine whether they are in need of monitoring or remediation.

Audit number: 21545