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Publications Defence and Armed Forces

Armee SignetThis section contains SFAO audits related to defence and Armed Forces issues.

Evaluation Deployment of people subject to service in the Armed Forces, civil protection and civilian service during the COVID-19 pandemic - Defence Group, Federal Office for Civil Protection, Federal Office for Civilian Service

During the COVID-19 pandemic, those subject to service in the Armed Forces, civil protection and civilian service were deployed simultaneously. They provided support in numerous ways, especially for healthcare and social services. In total, those subject to service worked more than 800,000 service days between March 2020 and the end of May 2021. Most of these were service days that could be offset against service obligations. Whereas the Armed Forces deployment and the emergency civilian service deployment were completed in spring 2021, members of the civil protection service are still deployed in the cantons. The loss of earnings compensation for these deployment days amounts to around CHF 120 million. In addition, the Confederation is facing costs of approximately CHF 20 million as a result of compensation for civil protection deployment days or compensation over and above the compensation payments to the deployed conscript soldiers for loss of earnings.

Audit number: 20542

Audit Disposal and sale of armaments - Defence Group – Armed Forces Staff

The decommissioning of equipment from military use is sometimes of political and public interest. Since 2018, the Federal Council has had to submit any decisions to decommission major weapon systems to Parliament for approval.

Audit number: 20428

Evaluation Single-term model in the Swiss Armed Forces - Defence Group

The introduction of the single-term model more than 15 years ago represented a significant expansion of the military service system of the Swiss Armed Forces. Traditionally, after recruit school (RS), the remaining service days are completed in short annual refresher courses. Single-term service personnel, in contrast, complete their entire period of service, currently 300 days, without interruption. Each year, this option is open to a maximum of 15% of those fit for military service, which corresponds to around 3,600 individuals. The single-term option is not available in all branches of service, nor in all functions.

Audit number: 18541