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Swiss Federal Audit Office publishes its 2012 annual report

The Federal Council has taken note of the 2012 annual report of the Swiss Federal Audit Office. Auditing focused on the areas of road and rail transport, social welfare and health, national defence, energy and environment, economy and regional policy, finance and taxation, as well as auditing of the state financial statements.

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) is the supreme financial supervisory body of the Confederation. Its audit work supports parliament in its supreme supervision and the Federal Council in its supervision of the Administration. The SFAO intervenes at all levels of budget execution. Aside from its task as the Confederation's financial supervisory body, the Swiss Federal Audit Office acts as auditor for the Confederation's social security institutions, various other institutions and foundations, as well as international organisations.

The annual report gives an overview of the scope of the SFAO's audit work and the main findings for the year under review. This report informs the Finance Delegation and the Federal Council about the scope and focus areas of audit work, as well as the key findings. The annual report has been published on the website Reports on individual evaluations and audits can also be found on this website.

Press release: 2012 annual report


Michel Huissoud, Director of the Swiss Federal Audit Office, tel. 058 463 11 11