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Central Compensation Office straightens things out and moves forward

Bern, 12 April 2016. – The Central Compensation Office (CCO) is emerging from the turmoil. An audit carried out by the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) found a marked improvement in the situation following the measures taken by the Federal Finance Administration and the new management of the CCO in August 2014. There has been a reorganisation in IT and procurement, two areas where the deficiencies had already been notified directly by the SFAO to the Head of the Federal Department of Finance.

A new corporate culture is being established in the CCO. This institution, based in Geneva, is the Confederation's implementing body in relation to first pillar benefits (AHV/IV/EO). After a period of upheaval and partial renewal of its management, the CCO has made substantial progress in the past two years. This is the conclusion reached by an SFAO audit published today. The SFAO's recommendations made during the previous audit, in particular in the areas of IT and procurement, have been implemented. However, it will not be possible to verify the long-term impact until 2017.

In the area of IT, improvements have also been identified in outlining projects, man-aging them, integrating them in the corporate architecture and monitoring them. These improvements have to be pursued in order to finalise the challenging reinte-gration of IT in the CCO that commenced in 2012. In this way, the IT strategy will have to be adapted to its new environment. In addition, a special effort still needs to be made in terms of business continuity management.

Under the deputy director of the CCO, control of the area of procurement has once again been regained. Directives on procurement and new procedures thus ensure that the competent staff have the necessary skills to make acquisitions in line with the statutory requirements.

Finally, the management of long-term absenteeism is handled professionally and the staff departure process has been revised and improved.

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