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PublicationsPublic finances and taxes

MünzenThis section contains SFAO audits related to public finance and tax issues.

Audit Comprehensive report on the audit of the 2017 federal financial statements - Federal Finance Administration

The annual surplus in the 2017 federal financial statements was CHF 4,736 million, comprised of revenue of CHF 69,698 million and expenses of CHF 66,687 million. The negative financial result was -1,026 million and the financial interest result was +2,750 million. Tax revenue accounted for CHF 66,413 million, or 95%, of total operating revenue. Transfer expenses accounted for CHF 52,902 million, or 79%, of total operating expenses, while own operating expenses represented CHF 13,628 million, or 20%. The remaining percentage (157 million) was attributable to the net expense for special financing in liabilities.

Audit number: 18045

Audit Mineral oil tax refunds in agriculture - Federal Department of Finance, Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, Federal Customs Administration, Federal Office for Agriculture

Mineral oil tax brings in CHF 4.7 billion a year for the Confederation. Fuels used in the agricultural sector get preferential treatment, as the tax is reduced by 77%. In this way, CHF 65 million is returned to 44,000 farmers each year. The Federal Department of Finance (FDF) is at the heart of the system. It has the power to set the refund rates and procedures. Implementation is delegated to the Federal Customs Administration (FCA).

Audit number: 17500

Audit Bericht der Revisionsstelle an die Finanzkommissionen der eidgenössischen Räte - Staatsrechnung der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft (Bundesrechnung) für das Jahr 2017

Die Eidgenössische Finanzkontrolle (EFK) hat ihre Revision der Bundesrechnung für das Jahr 2017 abgeschlossen. Ihr Bericht wurde den Finanzkommissionen der eidgenössischen Räte vorgelegt.

Audit number: 18045