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PublicationsPublic finances and taxes

MünzenThis section contains SFAO audits related to public finance and tax issues.

Audit Economic sustainability of tax relief within the framework of regional policy - State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Within the framework of regional policy, the Confederation supports strengthening competitiveness and increasing value added in structurally disadvantaged regions. One of the instruments for this purpose is the granting of direct federal tax relief to industrial companies or production-related service companies. This supports projects that create new jobs or maintain and realign existing jobs.

Audit number: 19437

Audits COVID-19: Interim report as at 1 June 2020 - Federal measures

As at 20 May 2020, the Confederation had committed more than CHF 72 billion towards fighting the pandemic itself or managing its knock-on effects. When it comes to providing assistance, two goals are at the forefront: rapid and unbureaucratic on the one hand, and minimal errors and abuses on the other. It is a balancing act. How can these goals be achieved.

Audit number: 20529

Audit Effectiveness of the precious metals control - Federal Customs Administration

State control of precious metals in Switzerland is conducted at two levels. The Federal Customs Administration (FCA) offices are responsible for border controls. A specialised unit of the FCA, Precious Metals Control (PMC), checks the quality of gold, silver, platinum and palladium articles for industrial purposes. It is decentrally organised into the Central Office and Precious Metals Control Offices. With a budget of CHF 10 million, the Precious Metals Control guarantees (hallmarks) more than 2 million articles each year.

Audit number: 19476