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PublicationsPublic finances and taxes

MünzenThis section contains SFAO audits related to public finance and tax issues.

Audits COVID-19: fourth interim report 15 October 2020 - Federal measures

The crisis is not over. However, an increasing sense of routine and calm in dealing with the situation is being observed in the Federal Administration; we have to come to terms with the crisis as being the "new normal". The emergency measures that were put in place virtually overnight have either expired or been incorporated into ordinary law. The audits initiated by the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) to accompany the emergency measures have thus also come to an end. This is therefore both the fourth and the last interim report on the SFAO's accompanying COVID-19 audits in 2020. Once again, the focus was on current results and combating abuse.

Audit number: 20529c

Audits COVID-19: Third interim report 31 July 2020 - Federal measures

On 19 June 2020, the Federal Council announced the end of the "exceptional situation" as defined in the Epidemics Act, returning Switzerland to a "special situation". Where necessary, the emergency ordinances issued in connection with the COVID-19 crisis will be transferred into federal law. As a result, it will be possible to provide support "to the extent necessary to combat the COVID-19 epidemic".

Audit number: 20529b

Audit Comprehensive report on the audit of the 2019 federal financial statements - Federal Finance Administration

The annual surplus in the 2019 federal financial statements was CHF 5,953 million, comprised of operating revenue of CHF 73,094 million and operating expenses of CHF 69,072 million. The negative financial result was CHF 746 million and the financial interest result was CHF 2,677 million. Tax revenue accounted for CHF 69,892 million, or 96%, of total operating revenue. Transfer expenses accounted for CHF 54,941 million, or 80%, of total operating expenses, while own operating expenses represented CHF 14,004 million, or 20%. The remaining CHF 128 million was attributable to the net expense for special financing.

Audit number: 20132