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Publications Procurement

BoxThis section contains SFAO audits on the procurement of goods and services by the Confederation.

Audit Procurement - Federal Statistical Office

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) conducted a procurement audit at the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) with a focus on needs and benefits analysis and the direct award of contracts. The underlying procurement organisation was also assessed. In 2018, the FSO had 126 contracts outside the Confederation, with a cost ceiling of CHF 43.8 million and an order volume of CHF 9.9 million. A large part of this was generated by the procurement of statistics, expert reports and surveys.

Audit number: 19453

Cross-sectional audit Status and development of contract management and procurement controlling - Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics

In this report, the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) audited the implementation of its recommendations in the areas of federal procurement and controlling. At the same time and for the attention of the Finance Delegation (FinDel), the status and development of FinDel's recommendations were examined. They cover very similar and related topics and are included in the 2017 FinDel activity report of 13 March 2018.

Audit number: 18092

Audit Public procurement - ETH domain

According to its own account, the ETH domain with both Institutes of Technology and the four research institutions purchases goods and services to the value of approximately CHF 1 billion each year (including property procurement and management and library acquisitions). The six institutions' autonomy as public federal institutions with their own legal identities is a challenge for common procurements. On its initiative, KoBe ETH+ (coordinated procurement in the ETH domain and selected partner organisations) was created as a link in 2003. The purchasing volumes which can be influenced by KoBe ETH+ amount to around CHF 150 million per year.

Audit number: 17444