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MonitorThis section contains SFAO audits on major federal IT projects.

Audit Key ICT project DaziT - Federal Customs Administration

Through the DaziT programme, the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) is undergoing a comprehensive transformation, due to end in 2026. The aim is to simplify border processes, customs, tax and duty collection through digitalisation, to reduce regulatory and procedural costs and to increase security through more effective checks. Parliament approved over CHF 393 million in funding for the modernisation and digitalisation of the FCA in 2017. In April 2019, the Federal Council decided on the new organisational structure of the FCA, which will now be called the "Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS)".

Audit number: 19399

Audit Key ICT project ASALfutur - Supervisory Commission for the Unemployment Insurance Fund / State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) audited the ASALfutur project at the Unemployment Insurance Compensation Office. The ASAL ICT system is used to pay unemployment benefits of around CHF 5 billion a year to an average of 118,000 unemployed people. The now outdated ICT system entered into operation in 1993 and is to be replaced by a new one by 2021. The SFAO already considered ASALfutur as part of the 2017 governance audit.

Audit number: 19409

Audit IT platform NOVA for public transport - Swiss Federal Railways

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) implemented the NOVA platform (new public transport connection) on behalf of the sector between 2012 and 2018 with the 100 million franc project called "Central pricing system" (ZPS). It replaces the obsolete central pricing and sales base systems for public transport and is thus the new industry solution. 85 transport companies and fare associations already sell public transport products via NOVA. As at 31.12.2018, this corresponded to around 300 products which are offered via the 46 connected sales channels (e.g. web shops, ticket vending machines, ticket booths), covering approximately 80% of total public transport turnover. Daily turnover via the NOVA platform increased steadily in 2018 and amounted to as much as CHF 11 million at the end of the year, with 300,000 products sold. Annual turnover in 2018 was around CHF 1.4 billion. Ultimately, the total public transport revenue of around CHF 6 billion per year is to be sold via the platform and broken down among the transport companies and fare associations that provide services.

Audit number: 19231