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MonitorThis section contains SFAO audits on major federal IT projects.

Audit IT platform NOVA for public transport - Swiss Federal Railways

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) implemented the NOVA platform (new public transport connection) on behalf of the sector between 2012 and 2018 with the 100 million franc project called "Central pricing system" (ZPS). It replaces the obsolete central pricing and sales base systems for public transport and is thus the new industry solution. 85 transport companies and fare associations already sell public transport products via NOVA. As at 31.12.2018, this corresponded to around 300 products which are offered via the 46 connected sales channels (e.g. web shops, ticket vending machines, ticket booths), covering approximately 80% of total public transport turnover. Daily turnover via the NOVA platform increased steadily in 2018 and amounted to as much as CHF 11 million at the end of the year, with 300,000 products sold. Annual turnover in 2018 was around CHF 1.4 billion. Ultimately, the total public transport revenue of around CHF 6 billion per year is to be sold via the platform and broken down among the transport companies and fare associations that provide services.

Audit number: 19231

Audit Digitisation platform - General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Finance

The digitisation platform (DIP) is an administrative unit of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF). Since 2019, it has been acting as an IT service provider for the FDF and has been exempt from Article 23 of the Ordinance on Informatics and Telecommunications in the Federal Administration (FAITO) for four years. The DIP develops and operates applications that support the digitisation of processes of service recipients in the department. At the same time, it serves as a laboratory for testing innovative methods and technologies. The DIP has a budget of CHF 7.1 million for 2019. The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) has examined whether the management of activities, the development process, the management of DIP projects and operations are being carried out properly.

Audit number: 18532

Audit Key ICT project Workplace systems 2020 - Federal IT Steering Unit

The Workstation systems 2020 programme is designed to migrate over 44,000 federal workstation systems to Microsoft Windows 10. After its implementation, the production platforms of the Federal Office of Information Technology, the Armed Forces Command Support Organisation and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs IT service providers will also be harmonised. For example, user provisioning processes are to be automated in order to save costs.

Audit number: 18257