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Publications IT projects

MonitorThis section contains SFAO audits on major federal IT projects.

Audit Further development of the Navision IT system - Swiss Export Risk Insurance

After around 17 years, Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV) is replacing its highly customised core application NAVISION with a software upgrade. Due to a lack of manufacturer support, its maintenance is no longer guaranteed. SERV uses this application to process its insurance transactions, with an exposure of over CHF 7 billion in 2021. The software upgrade is part of the Phoenix programme and costs of CHF 11.5 million are planned for its implementation, of which CHF 8.8 million are for third-party services. By July 2022, SERV had spent CHF 1.2 million on external services.

Audit number: 22445

Audit Effectiveness of incident management in protecting federal ICT from cyber-risks National Cybersecurity Centre

As the Confederation's specialist unit for ICT (information and communication technology) security, the National Cybersecurity Centre (NCSC) issues cybersecurity specifications within the Federal Administration, checks compliance with them and helps service providers to eliminate vulnerabilities.The Ordinance on Protecting against Cyber-Risks in the Federal Administration adopted by the Federal Council entered into force on 1 July 2020. It provides the legal basis for the creation and expansion of the NCSC, and regulates the structure, tasks and powers of the authorities involved. The Ordinance grants the NCSC the power to take the lead in dealing with a cyberincident that jeopardises the proper functioning of the Federal Administration, after consulting the units concerned.

Audit number: 21070

Audit DTI key project: Data centres DDPS/Confederation 2020 - Armed Forces Staff

The data centre network approved by the Federal Council in July 2014 is intended to consolidate the heterogeneous data centre landscape of the Federal Administration into a network of four data centres. This will enable the number of data centres to be significantly reduced and the future capacity requirements of the federal IT system to be met in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. Within this framework, the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) planned the construction of three new data centres. Two of these facilities will be built with full military protection to ensure the functioning of applications and systems relevant to the Armed Forces under any circumstances. The third data centre will also be used by civilian federal offices. These projects are being implemented as part of the DTI key project "Data centres DDPS/Confederation 2020". The project also includes the development of the digitalisation platform of the Armed Forces, i.e. the ICT section of the data centres. The total costs for the project, including all expansion stages, amount to around CHF 900 million for real estate and CHF 320 million for ICT resources.

Audit number: 21462