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MonitorThis section contains SFAO audits on major federal IT projects.

Audit Key ICT project ERP systems D/ar program - Defence group

The existing SAP systems of the civil Federal Administration as well as those of defence (D) and armasuisse (ar) have to be replaced by 2025. SAP products will continue to be used to assist the support processes.

Audit number: 19467

Analysis Dispatch on the SUPERB and ERP Systems V/ar programmes for the attention of both Finance Committees

The SAP landscape currently used in the Federal Administration will no longer be supported by the manufacturer from the end of 2025. The existing SAP ERP system landscapes will have to be replaced by then at the latest and this will be done using the SUPERB and ERPSYS V/ar programmes. As a prerequisite for the migration, the new system architecture of SAP S/4HANA means that at least the master data management system for "business partners" must be standardised and centralised. As a result, most of the affected business processes and applications throughout the Federal Administration must be adapted or migrated.

Audit number: 19445

Audit Key ICT project DaziT - Federal Customs Administration

Through the DaziT programme, the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) is undergoing a comprehensive transformation, due to end in 2026. The aim is to simplify border processes, customs, tax and duty collection through digitalisation, to reduce regulatory and procedural costs and to increase security through more effective checks. Parliament approved over CHF 393 million in funding for the modernisation and digitalisation of the FCA in 2017. In April 2019, the Federal Council decided on the new organisational structure of the FCA, which will now be called the "Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS)".

Audit number: 19399