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RathausThis section contains SFAO audits on the federal government and internal processes.

Audit Subsidies for gender equality measures - Federal Office for Gender Equality

The Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE) supports projects that promote equal employment opportunities for men and women by awarding financial aid. Approximately CHF 4.5 million is available to the Federal Office each year. Between 35 and 50 applications are approved annually.

Audit number: 17490

Audit Implementation of the Open Government Data Strategy for Switzerland at the Confederation (cross-section audit) - Swiss Federal Archives

With the adoption of the 2014–2018 Open Government Data Strategy for Switzerland (OGD strategy), the Federal Council set the stage for the free provision of certain types of government data, i.e. that in which there is great interest and where a certain benefit can be expected. The Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) was commissioned with implementation from 1 January 2015. The objectives of the strategy have only been partially achieved so far. The central implementation organisation's costs are in the low seven-figure range. Despite scarce resources, the core elements of an infrastructure for government data have been established with considerable commitment from the SFA and other parties involved.

Audit number: 17491

Audit The Confederation risk management as a management tool - Federal Department of Finance, Federal Finance Administration

The risks of the Federal Administration (Fed. Adm.) are diverse and can, in certain cases, be associated with very negative effects. The most recent example is the payment of CHF 215 million for federal sureties for Switzerland's deep-sea fleet. The Confederation risk management's role is to identify, analyse and manage federal risks. All units of the Fed. Adm. are obliged to perform risk management.

Audit number: 17476