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RathausThis section contains SFAO audits on the federal government and internal processes.

Audit Harmonisation of personnel processes - Federal Office of Personnel

Federal personnel data is processed mainly in the information system for personnel data management (IPDM). This an application from the SAP product family. Other non-SAP applications are used as upstream systems or subsystems (e.g. eRecruiting) in the Federal Administration. To date, personnel processes supported by this multiplicity of systems have not been fully harmonised across departments and offices.

Audit number: 20402

Audit Furnishings management - Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics

The Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (FOBL) is tasked with accommodating the civil Federal Administration in appropriate buildings and providing it with office furniture (furnishings). Across the country as a whole, the FOBL rents 217 furnished office buildings, housing 31,000 workspaces, for the administrative units. Each year, new furniture worth around CHF 14 million is acquired.

Audit number: 21312

Audit Pension payments for magistrates - Federal Chancellery, Federal Supreme Court

The Federal Act on the remuneration and occupational retirement benefits of members of the Federal Council, judges of the Federal Supreme Court, and the Federal Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor (referred to as magistrates) and the corresponding ordinance govern the remuneration during and after the term of office of these magistrates.

Audit number: 21541