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Head of Competence Centre

Construction and Procurement Audits

Mischa Waber
Civil Engineer FH
Phone: +41 58 463 27 38
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Task areas

The aim of our audit activities is to verify the economical use of funds of the administrative units of the central and decentralised Federal Administration. The focus is on the risk-oriented evaluation of construction investments and federal procurements.

Construction audits cover the entire real estate and infrastructure portfolio, such as the Confederation's own research, administrative and military buildings, civil engineering structures in the transport and energy , as well as subsidised buildings.

The focus is on the economic efficiency of the investments over their life cycle, taking into account social and environmental sustainability. Construction audits are carried out by interdisciplinary teams with engineers, architects and financial specialists.

Procurements are a second important area for our audit activities. Audits can include all aspects of a procurement from demand to disposal. This also includes topics such as contract management or supplier management. Procurements are assessed by experienced procurement and contract specialists.