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Financial Supervision Audits 1

Competence Centre 1

Martin Köhli
Business Economist FH / Swiss Certified Accountant
Phone: +41 58 463 10 68
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Task areas

The aim of our audit activities is to verify the economical use of funds of the administrative units of the central and decentralised Federal Administration. We check recipients' economical and targeted use of financial aids and grants. The Competence Centres additionally carry out mandates as an audit unit.

Audits within the framework of financial supervision are carried out according to the criteria of regularity, legality and performance. The last criterion includes assessing whether funds are used economically, whether there is an appropriate balance between costs and benefits and whether outlays have the expected impact.

Financial audits and audits of annual accounts are carried out in accordance with recognised audit standards and cover international (IPSAS, IFRS) and national accounting standards (Swiss GAAP FER, Swiss Code of Obligations). The federal financial statements, the ETH Domain, various entities of the decentralised Federal Administration, various funds and foundations, and international organisations are among the items audited.

Further tasks include:

  • Reviewing and ensuring the effectiveness of Internal Audits
  • Price audits if a contract is/was awarded without competition; essentially, the audit focuses on whether the Confederation paid too high a price due to the monopoly situation
  • Supporting the Finance Delegation and the Finance Committees of the Federal Assembly.

How do we perform our tasks?

  • Teamwork is important to us. We conduct our audits with proven specialists (financial auditors, certified internal auditors, tax experts, certified accountants and controllers, business economists, economists, etc.) in interdisciplinary teams.
  • We apply recognised professional standards.
  • We keep our knowledge up to date.